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Better Escorting: Customer Satisfaction Through Emotional Connections

| blog | December 26, 2010

Better Escorting: Customer Satisfaction Through Emotional Connections

by Bob Stevens

For some female escorts, especially the younger ones, it is difficult for them to make real emotional connections with their clients. When I say emotional connections, am I talking of those touchy feely things, or some esoteric cosmic inner vibration thing? No, I’m talking about just relating to your customer’s desires in terms of what her intimate adult companionship service can do to meet their inner needs or sexual fantasies of her customers. Humans make decisions based upon either rational thoughts or logical analysis, or deep inner emotions and instinctive feelings. While we’d be strained to find any logical or principled reasons for men to hire female escorts, there are certainly a whole host of emotional reasons you could suspect men would employ a beautiful woman who is selling her time for quality fulfilling companionship. Why? Well, being a female escort is all about their ability to meet men’s inner emotional and/or sexual needs.

With rational thoughts a business or professional person or service can satisfy a list of measurable concerns, from faster delivery, to cost savings, to any other calculable effect. Except for whether a hobbyist or john can afford your rates, and even when they can’t, their decision to hire a female escort is purely an emotion impulse. Therefore, appealing to these men on an emotional basis not only gives you two ways to get their attention, it gives you more ability to influence their thinking as well.


So, how does a female escort make an emotional connection with the services she is selling? And what emotions is she supposed to be connecting with?

When you first meet, try having some light conversation and explore your customer’s world. Show him you are taking an interest in him. Ask questions like, what type of work do you do? Are you single, married, widowed, or divorced? Imagine their state of mind in either of those situations and why they might seek some companionship with an escort. Are they living and working in town or are they visiting and working far from home? Are they out going or shy, do they seem happy or depressed?

Then, think about what you can really do for these men. What problems do you solve for them? Do you relieve stress, fill their egos, fill emotional voids of emptiness or depression, do you instill sexual confidence, or just fill time and suspend loneliness?

If they open up and talk with you, try to imagine the frustrations your customers are having with their lives or specific situations? Can you relate with those frustrations? Can you express to them that you care, and that you are here for them to make the time you spend together like a little escape from their daily realities? That’s one way to make an emotional connection, by empathizing and sharing in their frustration.


Think more about the benefits of your service. What excitement or joy is there for your customers in being with you? Are your customers considered less attractive because they are older, fat, bald, disabled, or do they just suffer from some low confidence for other reasons and would not otherwise be able to have the attention of an attractive woman like yourself?

Are they unsatisfied at home? Meaning their sexual appetite is more than their more conservative partners can handle, or maybe they are unsatisfied because their partner is not open to trying some new or controversial things? Escorts are not cheap so you might have to anticipate your customers are either rich or bored and just like the thrill and variation of being around many beautiful women? Who know?

If you learn any of these things about your customers, do you then act differently with each of them, treating each customer as an individual, tailoring your sessions emotionally and physically to meet their wants and needs? Or are you some assembly line worker who just does the same thing over and over again, letting men in and out with out knowing or caring about who they are and what’s going on in their lives?

You see, another way to make a connection is to personalize your time together and invite them to share in your excitement. Let them know how much you appreciate them and how you feel knowing you are helping them through some difficult time. He will appreciate knowing he is making a difference with you. And that could go a long way because the biggest reasons men are unhappy in their private relationships is that they don’t feel appreciated by the women they are with? The women or wives they are involved with do not show them any sincere appreciation. These men are starving for some genuine affection and if you showed any real appreciation for the little thoughtful gifts they bring you, they would be so pleased to know they are making a difference in your life too.

Now I know many escorts try to keep their distance and often they have good reasons to do so, but that doesn’t mean closing doors, building up walls and being a cold and heartless provider. Making emotional connections is one thing, and establishing boundaries for yourself and your clients is another. This is a tricky balancing act. If you can’t meet a particular customer’s needs, don’t be afraid to recommend them to another escort who does an amazing job at providing the things he’s looking for. If he’s looking to be controlled and dominated, then refer him to a well know mistress or domina who will chastise him because he procrastinates, if he wants a more relaxing escape and wants an erotic massage, refer him to a sensual massage provider who is known for giving massages with happy endings.

In the meantime for you, advertise yourself as being a mature, open and caring woman, and during your sessions make sure you deliver on that promise by taking the time to get to know your customers and how you can meet their needs and make them feel better.

Bob Stevens is the Head Talent Scout for Exotics

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