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Life as A Working Escort

| blog | February 14, 2011

Today’s female escorts are amazed at how the escort advertising business has changed over the years, and how this change has been effected by computers and the internet.

For Johns or Hobbyists, “It’s as easy as ordering a pizza and having it delivered.” That’s how the internet has changed the world of escorts. Or, as one web site that reviews adult escorts puts it, “Prostitution is illegal. It is illegal to sell or buy sexual services. You can give it away for free, but you can’t sell it. Therefore, when and escort advertises, or a customer leaves a review of her services, it must be written that everything contained here is fiction and is for entertainment and amusement only.”

Savvy professional adult female escorts should not only employ a good webmaster, but a smart attorney as well. Escorts never contract their services for sexual purposes. They promise companionship, a sensual, sophisticated, and exotic time spent with a sophisticated exotic and erotic fun loving and sexy woman looking for an upscale, professional gentleman willing and able to meet her fee for her time only.

The tab for this high-priced hobby can start at $300 a hour to over a thousand for an all-night affair. The price rises in places like New York and Los Angeles. Whatever else may (or may not) occur during that time is strictly between two consenting adults. Nobody knows how many women advertise their services as geishas, courtesans, exotic dancers, erotic or sensual massage therapists, dinner guests or something defined as a “GFE,” or “girl friend experience” for those seeking something more real, more emotionally connecting.

Sexual activity is not always the end result with an escort. For instance, escorts accompany corporate CEO’s and Congressmen to functions across the nation. At this level, it is very much like any professional position, like a model, exotic dancer, graphic designer or television personality (just less work)! However there is a difference between being a part-time escort and fulfilling a courtesan ship. A full time “courtesan” defined as a mistress, especially one associated with a rich, powerful, or upper-class man who provides her with luxuries and status, will make a LOT more money, and will invest more in themselves and their work, therefore reaping the rewards.

In many ways, escorting is just a job for some women, although the money makes them among the highest-paid professionals in America. The separation between an escort and a prostitute may be a difference without much distinction, but enough of a gray area exists that the women may advertise their services without fear of being busted for solicitation.

Personal escort web sites have made female escorts into independent businesswomen, able to advertise and solicit for new clientele and make their own schedules without sharing their profits with an escort agency. Chat rooms and escort review web sites like The Erotic Review and BigDoggie provide potential clients a portal into the world of adult entertainment, though escorts sometimes express mixed feelings about these high-tech bulletin boards. Some police departments monitor Internet escort services searching the reviews for those who go the extra mile. Many escorts, don’t want reviews and decline to be interviewed in an effort to not call attention to themselves for fear of arousing unwanted police attention. The escorts who do consent to talk about what they do often ask that their working names, cities where they work and web site addresses not be revealed. Upscale escorts, or elite companions as they are sometimes referred to do not at any time want reviews, they do not troll the hobbyist and escort review boards and they prefer to stick to an small and elite clientele and stay drama free.

Escorts sometimes work on their own or they may choose to work for an agency. Some escort agencies are better than others. Some agencies specialize in quality ladies and courtesans to help them make excellent money without all the usual negativity attached to the industry. With some of these, an escort is fully supported and provided with everything they need, emotionally and physically, and financially, to enhance their lifestyle and earning abilities.

There is also the dark side. Some of the most poorly run agencies may ask for some of the items listed below or allow them to happen. These are things you should NOT have to put up with:

* You should not have to ‘audition or perform’ for any management
* You should not be asked to undress at your interview
* You should NOT be surrounded by drugs/ junkies/ low quality customers
* You should avoid rude, rough, abusive, and/ or dangerous clients
* You should avoid rude, bitchy, and deceitful colleagues
* You should avoid sleazy drivers
* You should avoid being ripped off or not paid by customers or your agency
* You should avoid sleazy outfits or slutty looks

A good escort agency will encourage their escorts to live healthy, happy lives, and look healthy and naturally beautiful. Elite upscale ladies are often educated, cultured, if not tutored in all aspects, and even have a make-over done for them if necessary. You want to find a quality agency that specializes in compassionate, understanding management, as opposed to being with an abusive handler that resembles the controlling, abusive pimp.

Escort Behaviors

One cannot make the kind of money escorts often do by providing a lazy or half-hearted service. When escort ladies kiss, it means that they are affectionate, and playful, and are making the situation feel genuine. It’s been termed GFE, or Girl Friend Experience. A good clientele is made up of VIP men, clean, well dressed, intelligent men who understand how to be appealing to a woman. Escorts have no problem kissing an attractive, clean man who is making them feel like a queen!

There will be times when an escort is entertaining more than providing pleasures, and kissing will not come into it. As for stripping, if an escort does a choreographed striptease, that’s great, but just removing clothing slowly and seductively, and letting the client watch while they chat with him is usually highly excitable for a client (whose wife or regular girlfriend may not let him watch).

Then there are “high class services”, where one is a courtesan, not an escort. There is a difference. High class services provide a better experience than the average $200 – $500 per hour (or less) agencies. It all takes practice, and a little time and confidence, which grows very quickly. Obviously the better an escort looks and performs, the more regular clientele they will accumulate, they will learn as they go, and climb the ladder at their own pace. It is like being promoted when one shows initiative and excellence, like in any professional business.

A lovely and sexy escort is there to play the fantasy woman for her customer, so do what you are comfortable doing to provide what you believe is the best service you can provide.

Appointment Locations

Escorts work in a variety of environments. Incall appointments are usually to those who’ve earned her trust. They get to visit her at her place, where she can create and maintain a clean, elegant, and an appropriate atmosphere conducive to romance and intimacy. She will know her clients and may offer an assortment of beverages from water, wine, beer, or mixed drinks, and some snacks. Outcall appointments escorts tender to make due with what the client provides. If it’s an outcall to his home or hotel room, she will always be aware of her surroundings, looking for danger, cops, drugs, etc. Escorts should always let someone they trust know exactly where they are going, when they’ve arrived and when they are leaving. The employment of “safe calls” is crucial to maintaining escort safety and well being. Sometime an escort may wish to hire a driver who can be in case she calls reporting trouble or she does not come out in the proper time. Travel makes escorting quite fun for many ladies. They get to go to different cities or far off exotic retreats, and all their travel, food, and accommodation expenses are all paid for, plus she comes home with some sizeable cash. The benefits to being an escort can be tremendous.

Alertness and Safety

Safety for escorts begins at the very beginning in how you conduct your business. Get all of your customer’s information. Verify his name and identity, place of employment if possible. Get references from other well know trusted escorts he has seen. Listen to his voice, pay attention to his actions. If you get a bad gut feeling, go with your instincts. If he gives you, bad references, fake references, conflicting stories, or he doesn’t want to meet with your screening requirements do not book him. Do not reward men who do not respect your need for safety.

If he is trying to talk about sex for money, or getting you to do acts that exceed your services or comfort zone, if he gets irritated and hostile with you, politely excuse yourself and let him know things aren’t going to work out between you. Any man who calls constantly, emails you stupidly, harassing you or stalking you should be placed on a Do Not See List like National Blacklist to warn all ladies about him and his disrespectful or mentally unstable behavior.

Men who do not pay, offer personal checks, promise to catch up with you later, should not be given a free pass. Scammers are those who do not show up to the appointment with the donation envelope and present it to you right away. Scammers are those who put less money in the envelope than what was previously agreed upon. Put these men on Blacklist.

Prank callers, time wasters, and men who constantly no show, or cancel last minute are time and money wasters, who are totally disrespectful of you! And if they do it to you, they’ll do it to other ladies too, so place their info on Blacklist so other ladies can avoid booking them, as you would appreciate seeing their information on Blacklist so you can avoid the fate some other lady experienced.

Short Window of Opportunity

The financially marketable years of an escort can be fairly short. Looks fade with age, one’s fitness and shape changes, and the challenges of aging and maintaining a youthful look and attractive weight become more and more cumbersome when you’re competing with younger girls for the men’s eye and his dollars. While the going is good and the income is plentiful, escorts should have a financial plan, if not a financial planner, so that the good money they make today can be planned out to last them into the future when the frequency of her calls begin to diminish and past the point where she is no longer marketable and working in the business. Eating right, working out, not smoking, drinking excessively, or doing drugs can all certainly extend the working life span and marketability of an escort. Plan financially for a rainy day, have health insurance, and make sound decisions as to who you associate with.

Good friends support you, bad friends degrade you. Hobbyists, especially the losers who’s only life is in cyberspace on the escort review boards, are nothing more than antisocial, selfish, insecure, angry little boys who will try to haggle you down to get the most they can from you while paying you as little money and respect as possible. Escorts do not have to play their game, you do not have to book these men, and you do not have to put up with their crap. The drama, the stress, and anxiety and hurt of bad reviews can negatively effect the quality of your life, your emotions, and your spirit. Be tough, have fun, always be a lady and laugh all the way to the bank

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