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Elite Escorts Lingerie

| blog | September 25, 2011

Every escort that has a respectable attitude to herself should go over her intimate part of wardrobe at least once in several months. A woman can hardly wear all the underwear which is in her collection there are the things that were put on one or two times or what is even more possible there is underwear which is still decorated with price tags. Elite escorts offer ten most important pieces of advice that will help to avoid certain mistakes in choosing female lingerie and buy only best underwear.

The first and utmost, elite escorts try to define their own style of underwear. What kind of clothes do they have? If an escort prefers a short, full and flirty skirt, she needs one type of underwear and if she is fond of a tunic made of streaming materials, there is a completely another type of lingerie.

It is necessary to use the figure parameters when buying underwear. Also escorts compare the size, let say, of the bra they chose with the one they have because sizes of different brands do not often coincide. Escorts define the size for their favorite brand. If they prefer Italian underwear they examine the size of it. If elite escorts are crazy about French lingerie, they try to get the peculiarities of French sizes and so on.

Elite escorts buy only the underwear thy like and in which they look stunning. If a woman buys lingerie just because she needs it, it is highly probable that she will use just once or twice. No doubt lingerie collection of any female should have comfortable and practical bras and pants but they should not be repellent and ugly? Would you like to wear it? Would any man be rapturous having seen it on you?

Elite escorts always buy underwear which is seductive. This point is the continuation of the previously mentioned one but it also presupposes that pants and bras with a lot of laces and ruses which impossible to fit in clothes. The best lingerie is the lingerie which is possible to wear both for romantic date and to work.

Before buying underwear especially an expensive one, elite escorts read articles and comments about it. There are a lot of reviews and professional opinions. Some minutes spent for searching for the information and reading it can save not only money but also your nerves.

Keep record of the most frequently worn lingerie and do not be afraid to buy some similar models. Sometimes women buy a thing which they liked in the shop and put it on only once or twice. However, there is another situation when a girl accidentally buys something and then falls in love with it and wears it to hole. There is no point to ignore love at first sight – if you liked the bras and it perfectly fits you, you are sure you will wear it -purchase some models at once.

Do not be guided by price being tempted by cheapness or vice-verse giving in to its charming expensiveness. High price does not guarantee high quality. And cheap underwear are quickly worn out and tear that is why it is not worth economizing on it.

And the last most important idea of buying underwear is that it should bring satisfaction as well as pleasure of having it.

Be beautiful underneath!

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