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The Feminine Escorts

| blog | September 25, 2011

Contemporary women wear trousers instead of dresses, drink beer instead of wine and go in for boxing not dancing. Though, all these things do not prevent them from being attractive. Such a broad notion as femininity has its borders. If it is difficult to believe, ask your partner and he will gladly tell you all the list of your sins. So the article tends to inform all women about the necessity to work out femininity in a female character.

Too tightly fitting clothes whether it is a dress, a skirt or trousers does not look attractive or feminine. This opinion was expressed by one of the surveyed men. It seems what can be more seductive than tightly fitting clothes? The further went the survey, the more confusing answers were given. Some British men consider that karate, smoking, puttying are quite feminine! It was good to admit that male psychology is a complicated thing. So a list of feminine criteria was made. Basing on the poll that was carried out among British men and women it was possible to single out 15 traits characteristic of a real lady. It is unreal to find a complete compliance with all the traits so do not take them too seriously, find the golden middle and stick to it.

Ideal escorts. Different cultures have different interpretations of such a notion as femininity. Some men like persistent and confident escorts who place their professional success in the first place in life. Others are fond of shy and calm escorts. The main things that all escorts never forget about are that they should be loyal to themselves, their principles, tastes, opinions and thoughts. And it does not matter if somebody thinks that are unacceptable. Escorts feel comfortable with them and it is important.

Natural and accented beauty. Escorts always look one hundred percent perfect. And this rule affects all the spheres of life: rest, home, work. Most men feel disgusted when they see untidy women. A real escort always takes care of herself from head to toes. Make-up is a serious thing that should be considered. Men are attracted by natural feminine beauty so they are not sympathetic with vulgar and expressive make-up. Natural make-up is proper even if you spend time at home. Also most men are fond of long hair. Though, it is not appropriate to have long hair if nature has deprived you of thick and healthy hair and maybe short haircut is something that can save you and make even more attractive and beautiful.

Clothes. Escorts choose the clothes that accentuate the advantages of their figure but not the clothes that are at the peak of fashion. Surveyed British men said that home clothes spurn them. The most important hint is underwear and the most popular its item is strings. If an escort chooses to wear a suit, she puts has it of an unusual color or cut not to seem as if she borrowed it from her grandmother.

Delicate but independent upbringing. Escorts never let themselves to swear or say rude words in the presence of men. Though, sometimes they tend to be vulgar in order to underline their attractiveness. Escorts try not to smoke and control the amount of alcohol they drink. They are independent in their decisions. Men do not like women who agree with whatever they say.

Planned and spontaneous intimate relationships. Escorts try to be goddesses for their partners. And they look as seductive as it is possible. They choose the right fragrance and underwear. They act a role of the most beautiful and alluring lover and do not forget to be tender and tempting the next morning after the long night of love games.

Most of the things depend on women and men treat them as girls treat themselves. So the better attitude we have to ourselves, the more we will be admired and loved by men.

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