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standard of living is getting higher and higher, eat better and better, but also increase the gastropathy. As we all know, stomach has a great influence on our health, especially in the winter, the cold is the important factor causing gastropathy. So the winter how to raise a stomach? Yangwei eat what good? Let us understand together, in the life of those effective Yangwei recipe.

1, mutton waxy jujube warm stomach porridge

fresh mutton 200 grams (Zhulan fritters), add Astragalus 10 grams, 100 grams of rice, and jujube 10 pieces (chopped), Alpinia 5 grams boiled porridge cooked, adding proper amount of thin salt, MSG, pepper.

this porridge nourishing the spleen and stomach, often wear can be warming yang and invigorating the stomach, suitable for gastric ulcer, gastric neurosis, chronic gastritis accompanied by chills, body win limbs fear of cold, stomach is the author.

2, GUI jujube yam soup

red dates 12 grain, yam is about 300 grams, longan meat two big spoon, sugar 1/2 cup. Soft red dates, yam peeled, diced, into the water to boil, cook until soft and cooked, add dried longan meat and sugar seasoning. To be longans meat cooked to disperse, then remove from heat consumption.

yam with spleen and stomach function; red dates longan, beneficial blood,黑龙江胃肠医院, spleen and stomach function.

3, rose pepper tea

rose 6 grams, Amomum 6 (crush), pepper 6 grains (crush), three drug into the pot with boiling water for tea service.

this trip air stomach pain of reactive power, suitable for chronic gastritis, gastric neurosis with stomach eosinophilic miscellaneous, chest and abdomen account stuffy and other symptoms.

4,哈尔滨胃肠病医院, Ma Lan stomach warming wine

Ma Lan 60 grams of fresh, high quality red wine 100 ml. The fresh Ma Lan wash, Daozhi, boil, add wine blending, each taking 15~20 ml, sooner or later each 1 or adorned with edible,

has anti-inflammatory and analgesic of reactive power, suitable for gastric ulcer associated with stomach pain, love like rain according to temperature.


, radish and mutton soup

lamb meat 750 grams, 500 grams of white radish, coriander, salt, chicken,哈尔滨看胃肠病, cooking wine, onion, ginger, pepper. Wash the lamb, cut into thick wire, white radish is abluent cut wire. Take pot into the base oil ignition, add ginger stir fried flavor into the boiling water, add salt, chicken, cooking wine, pepper, water boiled mutton into the first cooked, then add white radish, turn a small fire boil radish off Sheng, sprinkle with spring onion and coriander leaves you can pan. This soup to replenish qi, warm the stomach for dispelling cold.

6, basil ginger jujube soup

fresh basil leaves 10 grams, 3 pieces of ginger, jujube 15 grams, first dates on the water in the wash, and then remove the pit, the ginger slices. Will be shredded fresh basil leaves, and ginger, red dates together into the casserole filled with warm water boil >

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